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Working with Challenging Reflections in Architecture/Interior Design Photography

Updated: Apr 11

How to apply fabrics to remove reflections

When an architect wants to showcase their designs, or apply for an award for their work, you need a clean shot that shows their work at its best. Dealing with reflections, which appear naturally in life. can be quite challenging. Over the years, I have developed ways of working with fabrics/flags to eliminate them. I will share my vast experience with you as I illustrate the challenges and how to work through them.

How to use fabrics/flags to remove reflections

Step #1: Evaluate the space and decide which reflections will work as part of the image and which ones need to be eliminated.


eliminated.Step #2: Get yourself an extra-long, non-reflective black fabric. You will also need a support structure to hang it.

Step #3: Take photo number one without using fabrics.

In the example above, we barely see beyond the glass doors on the right. Take the first photo. This will be the base of the composition at the time of post-production.

Step #4: If possible, turn off all overhead lights that reflect in the shot and close all of the shades.

Tip: Remove ambient light by closing any window coverings, drapes, blinds, shades, etc. Then, apply the fabric treatment or flag. Fabrics can be as big as 9’ x 20' or more extensive; it depends on the area you need to cover. It will always be applied at the source of the reflection. If your fabric is not large enough, you may have to move it around the room as you shoot.

Step #5: Take photo number two, without moving the camera, using fill strobe lights to remove inside reflections, if needed.

needed.Tip: To remove other reflections inside the room, extra strobe light can be applied. Step #6: Lastly, add your models and make your final take—view differences down below the photo example.

Step #6: Lastly, add your models and make your final

take—view differences down below the photo

Before and After Results

I hope these tips will help you get rid of the reflections more efficiently. I invite you to leave a comment below my post.

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